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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

January 17, 2017

It’s that time of the year. Whoever you meet, whoever you speak to have the same New Year resolution: to get healthier, to eat better and 9 out of 10 times: to lose weight. You start in high spirits; sign up for a gym membership, get new exercising gear, wake up a little earlier and go for a morning walk… But then, sometime in the first days of March the motivation dwindles, the morning sleep seems irresistible and the gym…well,…

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How to Get Over Cold or Flu

August 17, 2016
How to Get Over Cold or Flu

There is an old Polish saying: “An untreated cold lasts 7 days. Treated lasts only 1 week.” If you had a cold before, you know that is about right! However, these 7 days (or 1 week, depending which one you go with) can differ greatly in the way you feel, and that depends on how do you support your body during that time. You can do nothing and feel miserable, or you can help your body to get over the…

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Your cutlery changes how your food tastes

June 28, 2016

How about that? Apparently the colour of your dishes changes how your food tastes. We knew already that colour infuences your apetite. The colours red and yellow for example can stimulate the apetite. Blue on the other hand supresses it. That is really interesting due to the theory behind it, which suggests that it is so because blue food is a rare occurrence in nature. A million years ago, when our earliest ancestors were foraging for food, blue and black…

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Hot date (slice)

June 14, 2016

The winter has arrived, at least here in Australia. It’s getting cold and dark early.  In this time of the year there’s nothing better than cuddling up on front of open fire with a hot date (slice). Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be asking for it to come back to you every night. And day. And in between.. Your life will never be the same. Trust me, you can’t get enough of the hot date (slice). So, are you in…

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Fooling Your Hunger Hormone

April 28, 2016

Are you influenced by food labels? A new study suggests that the information they provide can determine the way your body responds to the food. Clinical psychologist Alia Crum prepared vanilla milkshakes and divided them up into two large batches. She labeled the shakes in one batch as containing 140 calories with no fat and no added sugar. The other batch (named Indulgence), displayed labels stating each shake contained 620 calories. In fact however, both batches provided 300 calories per…

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Coffee explained

March 13, 2016

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee? For many of us coffee is the saviour, the liquid Prozac, the energy dispenser. The delicious smell of coffee alone will coax us out of bed in the morning. If you are a coffee lover, you are not alone. Global consumption of coffee has been estimated to be 120,000 tonnes per year. I have been a tea drinker all my life and only started to appreciate coffee in my late 30’s, mostly…

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Butter vs margarine

February 7, 2016
Butter vs margarine

FINALLY! Butter is now officially PROVEN to be a better choice than margarine for heart health. I would not be able to tell you how often I was slammed for saying exactly that: eat butter, NOT margarine! Butter is a real food, margarine is an artificial “food-like” substance. Butter is packed with naturally occurring Vit D , Vit A (butter is one of the easiest forms of vitamin A to absorb. Vitamin A promotes good vision, a healthy thyroid and adrenal…

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