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My 7 “last minute weight loss” tips.

September 21, 2017

We all have been there: ” you knew that your high school  reunion (family holiday, best friend’s wedding…)  is in 3 months, and you planned to lose some weight before that, however, life happened ( work got busy, your knee gave up,  house renovation took over the rest of your life…) and now you have 7 days to perform some magic so you can fit into that slinky dress you plan on wearing. Are you panicking yet?? If so, don’t until you try my seven tips.

I have to point out though (and please, don’t be shuttered) there is no magic that will make you lose heaps of weight in that amount of time, so do not attempt some drastic measures like fad diets or taking pills for quick weight loss. Not only is this unhealthy, but it may also set a future of yo-yo dieting for you instead of bringing healthy AND lasting weight loss. So here we go:

  1. Portion Control: the oldest and one of the most reliable weight loss “hacks” is and always was: eat less. That does not mean going hungry though! If you starve yourself, the chances are you will give in to unhealthy food options and sabotage your weight loss. Fill 3/4 of your plate with vegetables and lettuce and the rest with some form of protein (fish, lean meat, eggs…). Swap the plate you usually eat from to a smaller one!
  2. Eat a cup of plain, unsweetened natural yoghurt before every meal. The idea is to satisfy your hunger a little before the meal so you are less hungry and therefore eat less. Studies also show that calcium found in yoghurt can help stop fat from entering your cells, improve your body’s ability to break down fat and help your body carry out fat through your bowel movements.
  3. Up your protein. Have some eggs for breaky, a piece of fish for lunch and a bit of chicken for dinner. A higher protein intake actually increases levels of the appetite-reducing hormones while reducing your levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. By reducing carbs and increasing protein, you will reduce ghrelin and boost several satiety hormones.
  4. Eat slowly! You will eat less food as you eat slowly for the simple reason that your brain will have time to register when you had enough much earlier that when you are wolfing the food down. Try to put the fork down after every mouthful. Or eat with chopsticks (I’m assuming here your ability to eat with chopsticks is not
  5. Just for that week clean your pantry and fridge completely of junk food! This will take away the temptations. Throw out anything that is unhealthy such as chips, biscuits, lollies, etc. Fill up your fridge and pantry with healthier options – Greek yogurt, fruit such as berries, cherries, kiwifruit, and vegetables.
  6. Drink up on ginger and fresh mint tea. Ginger helps digestion, fresh mint helps to reduce bloating.
  7. In a worst-case scenario, if anything else fails, you can always get some Spanx. And thank God for that! 😉

All the best!!




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