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How to Get Over Cold or Flu

August 17, 2016
How to Get Over Cold or Flu

There is an old Polish saying: “An untreated cold lasts 7 days. Treated lasts only 1 week.” If you had a cold before, you know that is about right! However, these 7 days (or 1 week, depending which one you go with) can differ greatly in the way you feel, and that depends on how do you support your body during that time. You can do nothing and feel miserable, or you can help your body to get over the…

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Keep Cold and Flu at Bay This Winter, Naturally.

June 15, 2016

The winter is upon us (at least here in Australia). The mornings feel almost frosty, which is a big deal if you live in Brisbane. The evenings are chilly enough to make me seriously consider starting the first fire of the year, which is a big deal in this household! The other thing that lets me know winter arrived is the amount of people coughing everywhere!  Have you noticed? Every time a cold snap arrives, so does an army of…

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