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Delicious Christmas Pudding

December 12, 2016

What Christmas would it be without a proper Christmas Pudding??
Silly question, I know!
If someone asked me that today I would most likely roll my eyes and think “poor guy had a concussion…”

However, if you asked me the same question 20 years ago, I would stare at you like you just fell of Mars.
No idea!

Back then I lived in Europe (born in Poland, with a short, 5 year long stint in Berlin) and my Christmas was all about traditional polish food: pierogi and clear barszcz, herrings in cream, kluski z makiem (homemade pasta with poppy seed paste, honey, and roasted walnuts).
And on the Christmas day, the pièce de résistance: baked duck with apples and baked potatoes…. my mouth is watering just thinking about these things. But have you noticed? Not a tiniest crumb of a Christmas Pudding in sight.

Thank God for my (Australian born and bred) husband who introduced me to this traditional English and Australian deliciousness.
Today it is as much part of our Christmas as kluski z makiem, if not more so!

I searched high and low for a healthy Christmas Pudding recipes,and I think I found a few. Most of them are made with no flour (so they are gluten free), and dried fruit being the only source of sweetness.
I am going to use one of these recipes this year myself, the choice won’t be easy. 🙂











Christmas Pudding and Custard

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