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How healthy is your food?

March 9, 2018



“If it’s on a supermarket shelf, it must be safe.”

“There is an agency/department/someone that watches over what is added and what’s been done to the food we all buy in a supermarket.”

“They would never allow anything harmful or not properly tested for safe human consumption to be added to the food I’m feeding my family”.

That’s what I thought before I studied nutrition. Looking back I can not believe my naivety…or my trust in the big food industry.

Robyn O’Brien, a mum of 4, thought exactly the same. Until she didn’t.

One morning while eating breakfast, her youngest child had a severe food allergy reaction.

That was a wake-up call that made her re-evaluate her eating habits and compelled her to have a good look at the Big Food Industry and its priorities.

She is talking about the food and Food Industry in the US, but it is as much relevant here in Australia, or any other western, developed country.

Please watch! 18 minutes of your life that will change the way you look at processed food.





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