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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.“ Jim Rohn

Your nutrition has a profound effect not just on your physical health, but also on our emotional and mental wellbeing. The familiar adage “you are what you eat” (or more precisely what you absorb) is literally true.

Nutrients provide the building blocks from which our cells are regenerated and from which hormones, blood cells, muscles, etc are made. They also provide energy and a sense of wellbeing. They help systems such as the brain, nerves, and muscles to function properly. On the other hand deficiencies of various nutrients negatively affect the function of body systems.

It has recently been recognised that our health system has been wasting substantial resources on treating symptoms such as stomach complaints caused by food intolerances and allergies, problems, which can be resolved through a change in diet alone! Headaches, constipation, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, and weight gain, (to name just a few!) are all symptoms of incorrect diet, nutrient deficiencies, and food allergies/sensitivities. It is not normal to be chronically affected by them and you do NOT have to live with them.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat and feel better, or reduce your risk of disease, you will find the information, advice and support you need to achieve optimum health.

Invest in yourself and start feeling better now!

Brisbane nutritionist and weight loss expert Beata Sinclair