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Why Am I Always Hungry ?

July 6, 2018

That is a question I get asked practically every time I talk to someone who is or was in the past trying to lose weight.

  1. Are you skipping meals? If so, how could you not be hungry? Skipping meals has more potential of you being really hungry and diving into first available food source there is (that packet of biscuits you hid in your desk, that box of chocolate bars that someone sells in your office for charity). When your body is ravenous any self-control goes out of the window so eating regular meals or snacking on something healthy can prevent that.  That brings me to point number 2:
  2. How is your blood sugar level? Balanced? Up and down? All over the place? If you go without a meal for a long while your blood sugar levels will plummet, and that, in turn, will bring on the feeling of hunger. On the other hand, processed food (white bread, pasta, cakes, lollies)  and even homemade food made with white flour and sugar (cakes, cookies, pasta…) will spike your blood sugar levels which in turn will spike your insulin levels, which then will lead to cravings, hunger, and low energy.
  3. Do you have enough protein and healthy fats in every meal? Protein and fat are digested waaaaay slower than sugar, therefore they are indispensable when it comes to regulating your blood sugar levels and keeping hunger at bay. Fat and protein turns off the production of ghrelin (a hunger hormone) and increases the levels of leptin, which is a particular hormone responsible for controlling hunger and suppressing your appetite.


So what should you do?

Make sure you don’t get to the point where you are so ravenous you will eat anything that is in your sight. If it happens to be an apple, great! What if it’s MacDonald or packet of VoVo’s? Not so good.

Be prepared: keep an apple, veggie sticks or handful of nuts in your desk or bag and snack on these if needed. Include healthy fats and some protein in every meal. Have scrambled eggs (protein) with some avocado (healthy fat) for breakky, salad with roasted veggies drizzled with avocado or olive oil (healthy fat) and boiled egg (protein) for lunch, and baked salmon (both protein and healthy fats) for dinner. Last but not least: drink more water and make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep.

If you find you need help with weight loss plan, menu and/or staying motivated I have an amazing weight loss program! It consists of 3 sessions: 2 nutritional consultations and 1 hypnotherapy session. During the nutrition consultations, I will teach you all there is to know about weight loss. During the Hypnotherapy session, we find and turn around your old beliefs related to your body image and ability to lose weight and we “reprogram” your subconscious to reflect your new beliefs. You also get a 30-day delicious weight loss menu and 3 months of email support! Contact me if you want to know more. 🙂

(Photo credit: Unsplash-Brooke-Lark)

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